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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 19, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news >> overnight the campbell fire department response to a fire and in the process discovers a body. >> president obama launching a gun control task force
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this morning to prevent another tragedy led new town from happening again. and the national rifle association is speaking out. >> cold weather and you can see a clear from the roof cam from van ness. >> severance is go is the mild spot on the map here today. san jose is 35 degrees, oakland is also 35, concord 31 livermore coming in at 30 degrees. you want your readers cranking as temperatures will continue to drop over the next couple of hours. elsewhere in the north bay we have the coldest numbers. 28 for napa and vallejo navato is at the freezing mark with 32. elsewhere we're talking low to mid 30's. it feels like 30 degrees when you factor in the wind chill. napa
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feels like it is in the mid- 20s. it is definitely a cold start out there. the temperatures are called is in the north bay and the national weather service has issued a freeze warning for that area. frost advisory is also an effect for the bay shoreline and the interior east bay. what this means is that it is really cold this morning. plans are at risk this morning until 8:00 today. cold temperatures will be around sunrise this morning those temperatures will continue to drop this morning. there's also an increase in clouds and looks like this afternoon there will be plenty of sun sig shine. the cloudless insulates of the he will get throughout the day to day. it will not be as cold tonight and tomorrow morning. >> a commute check, we are
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not tracking any hot spots or major delays. the only slows other towards the east bay. at the golden gate bridge is a light ride through marin county. the ride on 1 01 through the peninsula is also is move commit commute. you'll find some slowing on interstate 580 and highway 4 for your ease the commute. >> firefighters have come across the remains of a body as they were putting out a fire and an apartment building. will tran is live on the scene with the latest. >> at this point they know it is not suspicious. the circumstances. the place apart and left a few minutes ago. here's video of the storage unit. this happened around 1:00. someone called the fire department and they got out within minutes. they quickly put out the fire, not a lot of damage. there
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is some of the items that were brought out. when they put out the fire they discovered the body. at this point they do not know or they are not saying whether it is a man or a woman. the coroner's office said the body about 15 minutes ago. it was the coroner's office that will make the identification of this person. they went around talking to possible witnesses but at this point not a lot of answers. i get a chance to talk to the sergeant of the campbell police department and ask him a couple mess ago whether not this was someone who lives in the complex and went out to the storage unit in the middle of the night or if it was someone who may have tried to break into the storage unit. they said at this time they basically do not know. >> we will continue to follow this investigation as it develops. >> a lockdown at san jose college and has been lifted after several officers officers spent several hours searching for the campus
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were reported gunman. the campus was locked out around 430 yesterday afternoon after the school officials receive reports of an elected armed suspect on campus. city college in san jose police searched the campus for nearly three hours and did not find a suspect. police said there were no reports of gunshots. city college officials say cleanses will continue as normal today. >> president obama is expected to launch as ministration effort today to create new policy is aimed at preventing another mass school shooting. vice- president joe biden was named to head the push for the gun legislation. the president is expected to announce the effort from the white house. white house aides as they press their obama is likely to pursue some tightening of them was including a ban on assault style weapons. is also likely to seek ways to prove mental health resources and school safety.
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the national rifle association will hold a news coverage today. the nation's largest gun rights lobby said it did not comment on the shooting, " out of respect for the families as a matter of common decency ". it now says it will offer meaningful contributions to make sure such as treasury doesn't happen again. >> when you see a sea of people attending a funeral for a child and then another sea of people waiting for another funeral for a different child, there are just no words. >> six more victims of the new town school shooting will be honored at funerals and remembers is today include a school principal who was killed with 20 of her students. five other staff members and five and other staff members at the sandy hook elementary school. the presence of the family of principle dawn
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hochsprung invited mourners to visit a local funeral home this afternoon. another teacher vicki soto will be buried today. the girls are also scheduled for three children, while investigation of visitation and prayer ritual be held for another child. the students to survive this mass shooting at sandy hook elementary will return to class and the new year at a school in the neighboring town. this is will attend chop hill school and the town of monroe about 8 mi. away from new town. todd hill has and uses schools incident to the of 11. loud cheers and town officials have of making it suitable for elementary school students. when rose superintendent of schools as the school reopened after january 1st but a date hasn't been set. >> connecticut's medical examiner says nancy lanza
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was shot in the head four times while she was asleep. the gunmen adam lanza is believed to shot himself in front of bed. belts is to deny that lands that attended sandy hook but a school administrator and former classmate classmate old say he did. lanza was home school for some of his schooling. >> it is cold out there! we will be back with more in a couple of minutes.
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>> welcome back, 6:10 a.m. is the time and we had our eye on the weather because it is cold. so called this morning that napa is below freezing. north of the golden gate bridge you could see this live shot. and napa it is 28 degrees right now. it is a cold morning! we will have sunshine later sometime today. everyone can enjoy those clear skies later but right now it is cold. >> it's worse than 28, it is 24 with the wind chill! russia's parliament has given preliminary approval to a measure banning the adoption of russian children by americans. it is a harsh retaliatory moves against u.s. human-rights legislation. the lower house of parliament, the state duma today approved the second reading of bill
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responded to the u.s. legislation. to become law the measure would have to pass at third reading in the duma been cleared the upper house before going to president vladimir in houston for his signature. close to 1000 russian children are adopted by u.s. families last year. >> time magazine has unveiled the 2012 choice for its iconic person of the year cover. president obama is this year's choice beating out figures including yahoo ceo morris the mayor, apple ceo tim coke, egyptian president mohammed morsi and bill and hillary clinton. president obama also receive the honor and 2008 when he was president elect. as it has for the past 85 years time magazine up selected the person or persons its editors dean had the single braids impact during the past year. and
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is 612 a m in the live look from our roof and van ness ave. it is not the goal the spot by a longshot. 41 degrees looking for a high of 50 this afternoon.
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>> in washington summit
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weather is being blamed for a major mudslide. it took out a freight train. is that the 5 ft. wide stock slide it slammed into a moving freight train derailing and crunching cars on the tracks. the longshoremen working nearby says he realized he was in danger when he heard the ground moving. >> everything is came to a stop. >> the crews worked through the night trying to clear that mass of all the model and mud of the tracks. they hope they have freight trains back on track soon but passenger cars have longer to wait. >> 6 in. of snow are expected in the denver foothills. about 3 in. of snow and denver colorado with eight live look this
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morning. the storm will cross the nation's midsection. blizzard like conditions with a foot of snow across the plains. ranges over to snow in chicago on friday. we have a big getaway this friday for the christmas holiday. we will see a large a snowstorm moved through the nation's midsection. it is all starting this morning in denver. >> they look at this video out of the south bay. it is the layer of frost on cars out of campbell. this video was taken around 530. >> i have to turn up the heat this morning, it was not warm enough in the house ther. temperatures have really
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dropped. in about out is sitting at the freezing mark at 32 degrees. concord is at 31 oakland 34. when you factor in the wind chill it feels like it is 23 degrees and napa, hayward is 30 it is definitely a frosty start this morning. and the north bay this is where we have the freeze warning in effect until 8:00 this morning because of the temperatures falling into the 20s and also widespread frost advisory and effective for the bay shoreline and interior base. sensitive plants are at rest. cold temperatures will be around sunrise. temperatures will continue to drop and it will be colder. it is definitely a good morning to bring out be winter weather expensed accessories. for today, lots of sunshine once we get through the cold morning. chilly afternoon even with the suns signed it will be breezy at times. tomorrow
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light rain possible, breezy and chilly. the rain will continue and to the weekend. satellite pictures shows the clouds are to the or the less impact in washington and oregon. you can already see some cloudy conditions for northern california and eureka. late tonight and tomorrow and then comes the rain. these are cast four at 8:00, there is not a lot of rain tonight. there's a slight chance there may be some rain by early thursday morning. thursday afternoon the clouds of fell in a little more for the afternoon. the models are holding off on the timing, we thought there's a there may be some widespread rain. i don't think it will happen until after friday. the yellow is the more moderate to heavy rain so we will start to see the rain pick up late thursday into friday. definitely get ready
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for some wet weather over the next couple of days. highs for today temperatures making it into the fifties. 53 for downtown san francisco 53 for san mateo and the work that these were the east bay and be no. 8 ford santa rosa. 7 day around the bay thursday, friday cloudy and wet. reconditions and friday will be more wet than thursday. we're looking at unsettled conditions. saturday and sunday showers are possible. monday, christmas eve looked to be dry. christmas day, lots of sun signs with the highs topping out in the '50s. the time is 4:00 pm and is time to will want to traffic with george. >> i am looking at potential hot spot in the east bay. it is not on interstate 80 or 680 southbound but on at 580 westbound heading towards
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livermore. there is an accident at bat co road. this was reported was down and is blocking the center lanes. drive times are coming up at 36 minutes. it is not as bad as it otherwise might have been. the ride to the san francisco oakland bay bridge shows me during lights active and the backup is already pushing back towards west grand ave. the drive time is looking at about 16 to 18 minutes coming from the macarthur maze. >> final preparations under way where volunteers have a working at around the clock. they are preparing to hand out 50 bags of free groceries for the holiday season and the holiday meal this weekend. mark pelton is standing by at looks like folks are showing up once again for the annual tradition. >> the line continues to grow at glad memorial. in the past hour as though they
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have movie people and between the matter of the in thing to or it dies the lines. lots of people cut out this morning. the live plans to hand out about hundred bags of groceries. the comes with turkey or chicken and potatoes, bread, pasta, rice, vegetables. volunteers are are arriving in the handout begins at 730. lots of these people are very excited to do that. i spoke with one woman from glide and she told me this line grows every year. >> i have been doing this for the last seven years and the first year i did it we probably would are around one city block with a little access. now, you will see later on we have barricades' and lines that
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go up four city blocks. >> of the handout last until 1230 or until they run out of food. they have shut down jones and alice and surrounding intersections and side streets. it usually uses route to its order throughout the day you will not be able to use it this morning. >> standards as go parks and rex department has begun demolishing the flexing her pool building. the severance as go landmark on the great highway have been closed for years. it became a victim of a fire on december 1st. they later architecture experts and the terminal building to be unsafe and required demolition. >> we will take a break and this time is 622. traffic looks pretty good on 1 01, weather wise is cold. 35 degrees in san jose this
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morning. that is the kind of cold that will cut right through your coat as you head out this morning. we will be right back.
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>> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 lift off!
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this the >> this was a stain for forrester not spend one of american. they woke arrive at a facility and cause expand. the american on board the slight headed up to the space station with a russian cosmonaut and a canadian. they are havin >> astronomers say they found five planets circling a star much like the sun. one of those planets is thought to be habitable. the star is called tau ceti. the
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astronomers say they had combined more than 6000 observations from three telescopes to detect the system of planets. >> it is cold out there, concord is 35 degrees. 52 is the expected high and convert later on this afternoon. >> also a little money for you, waiting for the opening bell and wall street. we will have the opening bell after the break when the kron4 morning news continues.
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>> the opening bell on wall street a little nutcracker action which the ballet bringing in the morning bell. the question is what the santa claus rally continue? the dow features are up 33. it appears republicans and democrats
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are getting closer to a possible deal. we'll bring you the numbers on wall street throughout the day. >> now for the numbers on the weather front and they are low. >> you are right. and app but it is 28 degrees right now. the wind chill is 23 degrees. it is very cold up north. and oakland a wind chill is at 30 degrees. same for hayward where the current temperature is 34. it feels like 37 below freezing. 29 and pleasanton 36 in redwood city. sam francisco is 31 but the north bay temperatures are all in the upper 20s. well below the freezing mark. there is a freeze warning in the north bay because of freezing conditions. there is a frost advisory in effect until at 8:00 a.m.. colder temperatures are
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around sunrise, it will continue to get colder this morning. >> we are watching at the tens of hot spot for interstate 580 in the westbound commute from the optima past into livermore. an accident at that go rose started in the middle lanes but hasn't clear to the shoulder. drive time currently from two of five out to 680 is that 40 minutes. the normal commute time could continue to climb. caltrans says the highway 9 is still blocked. it is down there been a moment at blend harbor. a tree fell down over night and is still blocking the roadway. >> developing news out of campbell this morning where there is a fire. firefighters put out and discovered a body. will tran is there live with the details. >> they found the body at 1:00 this morning when someone around here on keen
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as drive called the fire department after seeing a small fire at the storage ride around the corner. it is next to the carport. when it came under the fire was not that big so only if it took a few minutes to put out. while putting out the fire they discovered the body. the body did did have some injuries but they did not tell us if it was a man or a one. around 5:45 a.m. the coroner's office remove the person and it is up to them to identify the body. the fire department and the police department's do not have a possible cause for the fire. they say it does not look suspicious especially since the fire was not that big. some of the items you're seeing on the video with stuff from inside the storage unit. it was brought out and quickly hosed down. as far as a possible witnesses, they went around talking to residents. at this point they do not have any answers as to what happened five and
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a half hours ago. they should be back here a little later this morning to continue their investigation. >> we will check back with you think you well. >> a closed-door are senate hearing just getting underway about the skating report about the state department and their handling of the bank as the attack. that is rare hear from members of an independent panel that blame systematic state department management and leadership failures rose an accurate security in the deadly september 11th attack on the u.s. diplomatic mission and libya. the two most senior members of the town of billie b. ward are set to testify behind closed doors today beat the or the house and senate foreign affairs committee's committees. an unclassified version said syria's bureaucratic mismanagement was responsible for the adequate security at the mission and we got the where u.s. ambassador and bay area native christopher stevens and three other americans
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were killed. >> connecticut's chief medical examiner looking for possible clues to find out why adam lanza opened fire and killed his mother and students last week. they want to know there is any identifiable diseases associated with his behavior. he had been diagnosed with ask berger says syndrome -- as burger's dissent froa form of autism. ist associated with my lead behavior. >> and pass holiday seasons
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he would sell anywhere from 10 to 28 guns a day. he has made over a hundred guns else. despite the high demand from his shop he uses discretion on who he sells to. he refuses to sell to anyone who seems to him even mildly suspicious. school safety is on the minds of people. the police chief shut up and appreciation for all the kind words the children showed them months ago. >> we care about these kids. it was important for me to come out and let them know these things did not to sit on some desk. i read all of
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them personally. >> eat the plant because dozense gathered in pleasanton's amador part to mourn the loss of so many young lives in last week's conn shooting. sales of spring and lighting candles they bind together to express their pain. >> it was important for us to gather together to have a sense of community especially during the holiday season. but that >> the visit was the together by a more elementary parent teacher association. the collected pictures palms letters and of nations will be sent to the families of victims and conn. our big story is the cold weather this wednesday morning. it is chilly out
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there. later it will be sunny and ice, i will say warm but it will be nice out. right now is just cold. a look at the san mateo bridge and the temperatures in half moon bay right now. is 37 degrees. we have a lot colder spots throughout the day that we will highlight as we continue with the kron4 morning news.
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>> a spike and residential
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and auto murderess. since november 1st there have been nine a residential burglaries and car thefts. police have increased patrols in the area and they're encouraging residents to not leave things in their car. >> we'll be right back.
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>> mass killers a target americans once every two weeks on average, and attacks that range from
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robberies to horrific the public shooting sprees like the massacre in connecticut. this is according to a report just released by u.s. a today. using in news accounts and fbi records from 2006 to 2010, the most recent years for which complete records were available, the report identified 156 murders that met the fbi definition a mass killings, where four more people were killed. >> rally's us supermarket chain and its workers have made somes and have come to a tentative contract agreement. the union representing all rallies of workers said, the state will not count the results of the contract ratification votes until grievances are resolved. rayleigh's spokesman said that both parties agree to binding arbitration for any dispute, and the union should file a grievance rather than empire on the
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ballots. the tentative agreement was reached last month and ended a nine day strike. >> we will be right back.
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>> welcome back. this 6:44
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a.m.. >> firefighters and campbell have found a body after putting out a fire in the detached carport of an apartment building. fire crews and police are on the same working with arson investigators. the corner has also arrive on the scene. >> president obama will launch a gun control task force today. the administration wide effort will create new policies aimed at preventing another mass school shooting. if the president has named vice president joe biden to head the task force. white house aides say that president obama is not expected to announce any policy decisions today. >> places like snapple where it is 28 degrees, the windshield is 23 degrees. it
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is definitely a cold start. this is the same for hayward. it feels like it is below freezing. 31 degrees in concord and pleasanton is down to 29 degrees. san mateo is right at the freezing mark. downtown san francisco is the warmest spot at 41 degrees. frosting advisories are in affect for the bay shoreline and this is until 8:00 a.m.. the coldest temperature will be around sunrise. the temperatures may drop a little more within the next hour. >> here is a look at your day planner for today. this afternoon there will be a lot of sunshine. once you
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factor in the breeze it was still filled chilly. the clouds up will help insulate any heat. it will not be as cold as this time tomorrow morning. we do have a slight chance for some rain. we will talk more about that with the future cast. we will try to stay dry today but what is happening to the north of us that is dropping rain and snow in parts of seattle will come this way. we will see increasing clouds and later on tonight. the model is holding off the timing of the rain. i do not think it will be as widespread on thursday. >> clouds increase late tonight or tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon we may see light rain coming in through the santa rosa area. my thursday night will see
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the rain become a little more widespread especially in the north bay. the yellow on the screen indicates that we will have moderate to heavy rain. the highs for today is going to be in the 20's and '30's. will get up to 53 degrees for downtown san francisco. here is a look at your kron 47 day around the bay. it will be a beautiful that once we get through the cold conditions. thursday and friday will be a little bit breezy. >> saturday is also looking to be unsettled with showers. on monday, christmas eve it looks to be dry. there will be a lot of sunshine on christmas day. the time now is 6:48 a.m.. >> we will start the report with the traffic map. first
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will start with your ride on the east bay freeway. we're still doing very well on the east shore freeway. it is 90 minutes from hercules to berkeley. 24 west looks great. we have been tracking this accident on 580 westbound. the good news is that it was clear over to the shoulder. it is at 43 minutes and the drive time is still less than the normal commute dadate. we're still five minutes ahead. south bay freeway is picking up a little slowing on 85. >> caltran says the highway 9 is likely to be closed until 10:00 a.m.. there was a tree down and power lines.
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your north bay ride looks great marin county has a little bit of slowing. the drive time is still under 30 minutes. >> the santa claus rally is starting to fizzle. the dow jones is down slowly. is that 13,00349.349. expect to see some swings depend on what happens in washington. apple's stock has rebounded. they are down $3 a share. >> the oakland athletics have agreed to terms of a two-year contract with shortstop hiroyuki nakajima of japan. the deal runs
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through 2014 season and includes a club option for 2015. nakajima would fill a big void for oakland, which traded away shortstop and second baseman cliff pennington to arizona in an october 21st trade that brought outfielder chris young to the a's. >> the golden state warriors continue their winning ways. after returning home for their most successful road trip since the 1970's going six and one. the warriors beat the new orleans hornets 103 to 96 adult or coal or arena. >> a female college basketball player in santa clara has become the center
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of attention. 51 year-old gabrielle ludwig join the mission college basketball team earlier this month. but it is not her as is making headlines up until july of this year, gabrielle was a man. several fans got their first glimpse of ludwig in action last night against oxen's delta college. and at 6 ft. 7, the team was embraced by her. >> they let her play as he has now ruled out playing in the four year program nitre. >> will take a break at 6:52 a.m.. we're still very cold in the north bay. it is 28 degrees and north bay area. we're also seeing pretty cold conditions on the thermometer. >>
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>> doctor phil's there's right after the kron 4 news. >> they have announced their top stars. leading the list is time party. he has been an exception and the dark night rises. no. 2 is jennifer lawrence. she was and the hunger and games. joseph gordon leavitt and christian bale round out the top five. i m d says that is less is determined by the
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toll page views in 2012 >> the picture is pretty clear. users are not happy with the changes coming to instagram. the uproar is over changes to instagrams privacy policy allow the company to you share falls in advertising. although they say that the users still have ownership of their foes, the services term agreement states that by adding a total to your account, you are giving them permission to use the content. since launching in 2010, more than 100 million users have updated more than 1 billion photos to a inst agram. >> we are tracking cool temperatures around the bay area. napa up as a wind chill of 23 degrees. your
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kron 4 morning news returns in a few minutes.


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